Thunder Mountain

We don’t get crashing thunder and lightning here very often. This afternoon we had quite a show. I placed my iPod Touch out on the door mat on the back porch and recorded the thunder using the MultiTrack DAW app. I trimmed the recording a bit and added a fade in and fade out. I copied the track to the pasteboard and imported it into the AudioShare app. From there I brought it into TwistedWave and exported it as an MP3 file and uploaded it to my server. I wrote this blog post offline in BlogPad Pro and later uploaded it. 

I did the oil painting of “Thunder Mountain” when I was in high school. I was inspired to paint it by my older brother playing Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C Sharp Minor on the piano.

Download – (10.6 MB MP3 file, mono, 9 minutes 18 seconds) First thunder clap is one minute 25 seconds into the recording. The thunder is so loud it distorts.



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